About Us


Looking for where to purchase luxury goods on the web from the best global luxury brands?

Bloomlux is the one stop place for high-end luxury items; our mission is to be the convergence point for the best luxury goods and services available from the top brands around the world so that clients can get all they need from a single source without having the stress of shopping around. We provide the platform (sometimes via VIP events) for top luxury brands to connect with customers worldwide. Luxury brands provided by BloomLux are ranked amongst the highest in the business.

BloomLux: Carefully crafted services to suit your requirements

For those who appreciate the good life a whole new lifestyle awaits you with BloomLux. From fancy yacht outings to our exclusive millionaire club, we have anything and everything you might need. We also offer unique experiences and events, where dynamic professionals can hobnob with a discerning group for friendship and career advancements.

Are you single and looking for suitable companionship, or a lady that needs a new pack of fashionable girls to hang out with? We have all kinds of services and settings to cater your needs and bring that element of joy, freedom and extravaganza to your life. At BloomLux, it’s all about lavishness and the success you enjoy!

So to get more information on how you can be a part of a luxurious and splendid lifestyle, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or please call (561) 899-9310. We will always be more than happy to assist you!

What Others Are Saying


“As an event manager I’m often trying to guess what a guests’ experience will be like, it’s rare for me to experience it as they would. Bloomlux events are always fun and very entertaining. Visions Band, live music, WAS AWESOME! They sounded like CD quality music, very smooth. GREAT JOB guys!”

Lorna Binger, Event Manager/RN Nurse


"We had an AMAZING time! Best experience ever. Bloomlux VIP event was awesome and the staff took good care of us. We look forward to attending your next VIP event. Thank you for an INCREDIBLE time!”

Kenny Levien, Downtown Juice Factory/Owner


“It was BETTER THAN I EXPECTED, well organized and it was a blast. It was far more “intimate” than I expected, it was like you had REAL VIP access to something special. I have attended lots of VIP events and sometimes it is a little bit of a letdown. But this was absolutely worth it. ALL my friends were envious when they saw the after photos.” 

Saari Cohen, Real Estate Mogul


"The VIP events by Bloomlux helped me make key contacts in my specific industry that I will remain in contact with for future partnerships and deals. Great event that brings together business leaders to discuss past, current and future trends impacting the strategies of our core business."

Kevin Bailey, Mattress Warehouse/CEO